twitter – getting you in touch with people when you need it

i’ll admit it, i didn’t get twitter, or even like the idea of it, for the longest time. why would anyone care what i was doing throughout the day, and in turn, why would i care what others were doing? aren’t blogs around to tell me that sort of thing? do i really need to know the mundane minutiae? apparently, yes.

once i started using twitter, i found myself hooked. i enjoy knowing things as they happen – like watching ryan carson shave his head for charity, or hearing about the LA earthquake before it was even on the beeb. i’m not a stalker, but i especially like to see what web designers and developers are talking about – especially those i really admire. i feel “in the loop”. we can discuss the issues with that statement and how there is such a massive overdose of media to take in lately, but that’s for another day. for those who still don’t like twitter (and trust me, i understand your point of view), here’s an example of just how helpful it was for me late last night.

we needed to update a client’s website which is hosted on network solutions. we are based in the UK. apparently, due to some DDOS attacks some IPs (mostly from overseas) have been blocked. NetSol has more information on the issue (if you are based outside of the US and can’t get to, that post explains why). so, although we could view the client’s site, log into the FTP and even the CMS, we could not log into the account on to make a vital database user edit. after some frustration wondering why we could not even get to and trying various methods, i twittered (tweeted?) about the connection issues asking if anyone else was having the same problem. i was hoping to just get some additional information on what the problem may be, instead, i got a response from NetSol support within the hour. after a few emails (and even a call from them) explaining the issue and clarifying what we needed to do, the problem was solved, and the client update was done! i was, and still am, very impressed.

i received a message via twitter from customer service, a phone call and numerous emails from Gerry to help us solve the issue. to help with the database edit, Gerry sent our email to Sam who fixed the problem in a matter of minutes. they were both incredibly helpful and polite and although our IP is still blocked and the whole situation was incredibly frustrating, the pain was eased tremendously by the great support.

i won’t discuss whether i feel NetSol is a good host provider or not, but i will say i was incredibly impressed by their customer service, and i found out just how useful a simple tweet could be. if Gerry hadn’t been in touch via that twitter message, i know the situation would have taken much longer to resolve, i would have been even more stressed out, and i would probably not be singing any praises for NetSol at all.

Update: and, today, our IP issue is resolved as well. Thanks again Gerry!

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