taking back the weekend

toe socks

i’m used to working on weekends. saturday and sunday don’t mean anything different to me other than the stores being a little busier. i am so used to spending my saturday nights working on projects and catching up on emails. well, no more. i realise i’ve allowed work to overtake everything else in my life and that’s not a good thing. not at all. as a designer, being creative is a vital part of what i do and when you are going non-stop, that creativity dries up. i need time to recharge the batteries. so, i’m taking back my weekends. it’s the time to read, bake, veg, go for long walks, take out the camera, draw, nap and not worry about work. i know it’ll take me awhile to adjust to the changes, but i’m looking forward to just enjoying my weekend, and working hard during the week.

with this in mind, and after reading this great article from Lauren on battling information overload, i’m also going to cut down on my feeds, twitter addiction and other habits that tend to be a great source of procrastination for me.

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