playing with actions

road less traveled by lorissa shepstone

i know many photographers are adverse to using actions on their photos, and in many cases i quite agree, but sometimes it’s great to play with effects to enhance the mood of a shot.

i especially love to play with actions and other PS effects when i’m feeling less than inspired. it can be quite encouraging to take a photo that you originally find okay and turn it into something that you really find interesting.

if you are looking for some interesting actions to download, Smashing Magazine recently posted a rather comprehensive list of useful photoshop actions.

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  • Jorge Quinteros
    November 7, 2008 at 4:08 pm  - Reply

    As an avid photographer myself, I have no objections when it comes to adding a little pep to the photos. I utilize Lightroom Presets to control and manage my photos but these PS actions will come in handy.

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