We are bizarre creatures when it comes to celebrities (among other things of course). The reason for why folks become celebs is a whole other conversation really (and one with a lot of questions – probably unanswerable), but I’ve been recently amused at how fickle the public can be. We latch on to someone and create this inhuman ideal for them. They look perfect, act perfect and therefore must be perfect.  So, as soon as a celeb does something remotely human (you know: makes a mistake, puts their foot in their mouth, doesn’t dress up to go get some milk) we pounce on them. As soon as these particular people (remember, everyone poops) do something outside of the ideal we have created for them, we turn on them. Do we build celebs up just to enjoy tearing them back down? What does it mean about us as a society/culture if this is what we enjoy doing to others?

We are bizarre creatures indeed. We are so quick to idolise and even quicker to jump at any opportunity to feel, even vaguely, superior to those exact idols.

I can understand why celebs get so pissed off.


  • Jorge Quinteros
    December 10, 2008 at 2:03 am  - Reply

    Not exactly sure why it is that we do this. I expressed a similar complaint about this regarding Britney Spears. I enjoy seeing them thrive in their work and at times it makes they seem invincible but the moment they drop the ball, it reminds us that they are human like us, so I guess we thrive on that.

  • Lorissa
    December 10, 2008 at 1:20 pm  - Reply

    Ahh yes, I couldn’t agree with you more on your post. Britney is a key example of us tearing celebs down.

    You’re right – so much of it is being reminded that celebs are human, just like us, and we enjoy that. We all want to feel special, but part of the norm as well.

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