dusting off the camera


it’s been awhile since i’ve felt inspired to take photos. i went through, or am going through, a bit of a slump i guess. i haven’t kept my photoblog up-to-date as i should. i have photos sitting, waiting to be processed. just recently though, i started to feel that familair (and missed) urge to pull the camera out and capture something. something beautiful or intriguing or haunting. something that says something – anything – to the viewer.

this all started after watching zerkala (aka: mirror) by andrei tarkovsky. a beautiful and extremely personal biography with powerful, and sometimes surreal, imagery. the story interweaves dream sequences, past memories, current events and real soviet footage from the time. almost every frame could be a photo. the visual impact is haunting and beyond anything, inspiring. just watching it, i wanted to be able to capture images that evoked such powerful responses or intriguing questions.

this reawakened need to pick up the camera was emphasised today when browsing one of my fave saffa blogs, south of the sahara, and being reminded of an exceptional photographer – jurgen schadeberg – who not only had a great photogaphic eye, but made an impact on south african history.

i realise now that i started to think too much about the photos i took and posted. i started to feel i had to shoot to post to the photoblog, rather than because there was something worth shooting. i guess, i ended up making photography, and my photoblog, a chore when the whole point of it was the exact opposite. i’ve decided to go back to basics. to start over. to start fresh.

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