just say no to IE!

with the recent redesign of apparently nothing, i’ve given IE the big FU. if you are using IE and visit the site, you will instead see a little note with the following:

Sorry, Internet Explorer is not supported by ApparentlyNothing.com as it is not a good browser and can make your computer unsafe. If you want to know more, please visit browse happy for information.

There are several better and FREE alternatives. Why not give them a try? Find a better browser that suits you.

i know a lot of people wonder why i would prevent folks who use IE from viewing the site if it just means a few minor adjustments to an IE specific stylesheet. the answer is simple: because i shouldn’t have to bend over backwards to accommodate a sub-par browser such as IE, and indirectly support it by allowing folks to think it’s ok to use such a poor excuse for a browser. now, when it comes to client work, and even my own business, i can’t really make such a hard stand. i realise that business is business and you need to get as many people seeing your site as possible. i’m not an idiot (most of the time). but, when it comes to my personal sites, well, i have the option to raise my fist, extend my middle finger and say “i don’t need you IE!”. over the years of being a web designer IE is responsible for a number of grey hairs, sleepless nights and head-banging-the-table episodes.

you don’t need to take my word for it though. visit browse happy and learn more and if you are using IE, i urge you to download a proper browser. i recommend firefox and it’s free. it’ll be good for you and your experiences on the web. really.

to those of you using IE who have visited apparentlynothing.com, or my new project 2009.apparentlynothing.com, and have been greeted with the above message, my apologies for any confusion. it’s nothing against you, just the browser you are currently using. please, get another browser and visit again.


  • Rachel
    January 6, 2009 at 10:38 pm  - Reply

    When it comes to your personal website, I feel you should be able to code it and design it the way you want. Even it means alienating a percentage of your visitors.

    As of this year, we’ve stopped “accommodating” IE 6 in our professional work.

  • Jorge Quinteros
    January 7, 2009 at 1:51 am  - Reply

    I completely agree. As an avid web user, I quite familiar with the whole “browse happy” experience with anything but IE and when I explain the situation to people who don’t know the difference, I tell them this:

    “Listen, look at it this way. You can very well go to the corner store and buy a cheap brand oil for your car to function and it probably will but it will not render it’s ultimate performance unless you upgrade to a brand that allows it to.”

    Yes, IE works as a browser but it does a disservice to the whole web experience because of it’s limitations. I’m a Safari man myself.

  • Lorissa
    January 7, 2009 at 8:11 pm  - Reply

    @Rachel – Exactly! Yes, we are considering telling our clients that we won’t “accommodate” IE6 either, and if they require IE6 compatibility it will be added development time and cost.

    @Jorge – Love that analogy and really puts it into “every day” terms. I’ll have to borrow that when explaining the issue to folks.

  • kristarella
    January 14, 2009 at 11:56 am  - Reply

    Good on you! I’m not quite there, but pretty close. I have a script the make PNGs transparent, but it screws with background positions and I haven’t fixed that.

    The only reason I attempt to support it is because I know one person, who I value, who has a lame workplace who won’t update their computers.

    I think you should definitely tell business clients it will cost them more to support IE6. It costs you more afterall.

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