music at the gym

my husband cracks me up. we go to the gym to swim laps 5 days a week. today, when we got back, we couldn’t help commenting again on the “music” (i use that term loosely in this case) that continues to play every morning. so, G sent an email to the gym to let them know. i had to share, since it cracked me up:


I have enjoyed the Oxford facilities for nearly a year now. The staff are always friendly and helpful, and the locker rooms and pool are clean and well maintained. I swim laps five times a week.

My only suggestion (read: plea for mercy) is to change or eliminate the upstairs music. Downstairs the music is upbeat and very conducive to exercise, but as soon as I get in the pool I’m treated to the most downbeat, depressing drivel I’ve ever heard. And it’s the same songs every week. By the end of my laps I find myself wondering whether drowning might be a better alternative to surfacing and hearing the banal, lifeless piffle that oozes from the overheads.

Please can we bring some upbeat, exercise-worthy music to the pool.



i hope this encourages them to make some changes. i don’t think i can handle listening to the same whining, whinging, depressing crap every morning for much longer.

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