i admit it. i’m addicted to information. i love reading interesting stories, watching funny videos, listening to new music, seeing what’s going on in the world regularly. i follow far too many blogs, read far too many articles, follow too many people on twitter and i’m always looking for more. i inundate myself with information. most of the time i enjoy it – i love feeling “in the know” about things relevant to what i do and what i enjoy – but mostly, i feel overwhelmed. there is no way to keep up. there is just too much out there. too much going on. too much for this feeble brain of mine to take in.

my career revolves around a fast-paced (light-speed sometimes) environment. people are coming up with brilliant new ideas every day and i’m glad. i’m excited about what progress we can make to improve things in the world, but it seems that only about 2% of what’s going on is an improvement. the rest is just noise. loud, make-your-ears-bleed, noise. i can’t point fingers. i contribute to the noise. i blog, i comment, i retweet. we seem to all be yelling and shouting at the moment, but hopefully we’ll calm ourselves and start talking soon. even better yet, perhaps we can take time to just listen.

but where do you draw the line between contributing to the discussion, the progress, the community, and just adding to the noise? is there any real distinction? what is pure drivel to one person, is valuable information to another.


  • Jorge Quinteros
    March 26, 2009 at 5:07 pm  - Reply

    I entirely feel your discomfort. There’s a wealth of blogs that I subscribe to but only a select few that I anticipate rushing to since I’ve concluded that these are the blogs that educated and inspired on a subject that I wasn’t aware of before.

    The operative theme in this being that you’re willing to make time for the blogs that enrich you and forgo the ones that consume you. For that reason, I’ve minimize my subscriptions tremendously and have found reading blogs more enjoyable rather than feeling that I created another inbox that needs to be brought down to zero.

    Twitter participation works around my time and not on feeling obligated to chime in when that annoying Twitterrific bird chirp alerts you of updates. Needless to say, I’m anti Twitter desktop apps.

    Ultimately who you follow, whether it’s on Twitter or by RSS subscriptions will determine how a person feels towards all the noise. If one is to follow just the people that produce content that supplement ones field of work or interest, the noise should seem more like silent wind.

  • Lorissa
    April 4, 2009 at 2:54 pm  - Reply

    I definitely agree. It really is all about being selective and opting to follow people and blogs that somehow enrich you. I think I’m in need of a bit of a clean-out in my Google Reader to make sure the blogs there are all there for good reason.

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