finding focus

i recently read this great post from emira: getting beyond the busy work. such a timely post for me. i’ve found more and more my day is consumed with all the “busy work” that i allow myself to get caught up in rather than the “real work” that needs to get done. if you know what i am talking about, the post is worth a read. if nothing else, at least it helped me feel like i wasn’t the only one. i do need to change some habits – like closing down my email and twitter (shock! horror!) for part of the day so i can really focus. as emira says:

when we’re running around like proverbial chickens, answering phone calls, rushing to meetings and trying our best to stay on top of our inboxes it’s really easy to lose site [sic] of the important in the midst of the urgent, but as the bosses of our own careers and shops it is so very important that we make this distinction.

The Boss of You it’s so easy to get distracted and caught up in being busy that you actually don’t accomplish much at all. when you are running your own business, this is never a good thing. speaking of business, there are all sorts of business books out there for someone starting out on their own, or trying to develop their own business to the next level. who am i kidding? there are about a million books out there, right? and where to start? well, let me help out the other girls out there.

if i had to recommend only one business book out of the thousands (millions might have been stretching it a tad), it would be this one: The Boss of You: Everything A Woman Needs to Know to Start, Run, and Maintain Her Own Business. if you haven’t picked this up yet, do yourself and your business (whether it is already started or just an idea in your head) a favour and purchase it. i promise i’m not a sales rep for the book or anything like that. i’m just a firm believer in sharing good finds when i find them. i really have found this book to be such an inspiring, informative and enjoyable read. in fact, i often go back to certain topics and chapters to re-read them. business can be tough. starting your own business can be terrifying. running your own business can be stressful. a book like this is a helping hand; a much needed push in the right direction; your own personal cheerleader in book form and your little advice-dispenser when you need it.

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