Its On! Redux

Screenshot: new Its On!

as i mentioned yesterday we weren’t entirely happy with the colour scheme of It’s On. although the aim was to be warm and inviting, we didn’t feel it really worked. so, late last night we redid a few things to make it brighter, bolder and hopefully just more appealing. a great example of evolving a design through various iterations as well. i’m already seeing minor tweaks i’d like to make down the road. too often people feel that once a design is done in photoshop, that’s it, it’s set in stone. not so. a design can really improve if you are just a little flexible and willing to evolve it as the site evolves. small changes can make a big difference. at least that is what i’ve found.

we’ve made a few other improvements as well introducing country codes and a time stamp for when the event was posted. also, now a tweet doesn’t have to start with @eventin, just as long as you follow the syntax of @eventin city: somewhere in the tweet.

so, if you know of any events in your city, spread the word.

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