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this past saturday we were a tad bored and in search of something different to do around town. oxford has plenty to offer, but more often than not I hear about some cool event only after it has come and gone. not very useful. this sparked an idea, followed by a few days of work, and now, 3 days later, Its On! is launched.

the idea is simple: anyone on twitter can post about an upcoming event. no account signup needed, no necessary following, simply send a message to @eventin like so:

@eventin City Name: Info about the event.

use a few hashtags to allow folks to filter events more easily as well, such as:

@eventin London: Future of Web Design: 30 April - May 1. #conf

we’ve got some more information on hashtags to use on the site.

if you are looking for something to do, visit the site and search your city. filter by topic if you prefer, such as theatre, music, comedy and so forth. since we just launched, there’s not a lot of posts, but we hope as folks start adding their events the site will grow and become more useful. at least that’s the point: giving people an avenue to spread the word about their events, and giving others a resource for finding something to do when they are bored.

we would love to hear your thoughts and any ideas for improvement. (oh, and be sure to expand and contract your browser for a little parallax fun). if you like it, please do spread the word. the more event posts to the site, the more useful it becomes.

(update: after some more thought and playing with the site today, we’ve decided to redo the colour scheme, so expect some changes tomorrow. this is what happens when you launch a site in 3 days – you realise where you can improve, and then you do just that).

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