Recent Work: Knopf Doubleday

Screenshot: Knopf Doubleday

so, the last month or so has been very busy – which is always a good thing – and one of the projects that kept us very busy was the new Knopf Doubleday website which we just launched!

for anyone who’s into publishing you will know that recently the industry has been going through some changes. Random House recently made some adjustments, and part of that was combining two of their houses: Knopf and Doubleday into one. in doing so they needed a new web presence, and one that could accommodate a suite of other sites for the imprints within Knopf Doubleday. 5 weeks, many cups of coffee, a few choice-words for IE6, and some great team work with Random House later and we’ve launched. the site is built in WordPress and is really a testament to how flexible and powerful WP is. site maintenance is a breeze for content managers and adding in new imprint sections can be done in a day.

for me the biggest challenge was creating a design to accommodate the sea of content each imprint requires. there’s a lot going on and making sure that it didn’t look messy and overwhelm the visitor was key. the main site is made up of shades of grey with the only colour used to signify the various imprint posts according to their logos in the header (and of course the book covers which is really the main focus of the site). once in an imprint section, this changes so your focus is on the specific imprint itself giving it it’s own space. each imprint can have it’s own distinct look, which we’ve already adopted for some of the imprints with some simple CSS changes, but we will continue to work with the various imprints in the coming weeks to update and fine-tune this.

we are really chuffed with what we’ve created with Random House. so far the feedback has been really positive and we know the content managers for the sites are loving how easy it is to update and maintain. a good thing.

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