effective ads (rare finds)

recently i’ve seen 3 very well done and effective ads. it seems that good advertising is rare these days so it is refreshing to see that not all ads are boring, ridiculous or annoying. if i have to hear one more stupid jingle for a directory service, or see another 20 seconds of some moron cologne/perfume ad with some stick insect on a beach, i may have to consider never watching tv again. the horror!

at least there are a few rare gems to find in amongst the hours of mundane crap ads. these are my current 3 faves:

humour. it works wonders for a good ad. how can you not love this?


honest and touching. ok, i’m usually not one to promote pulling at the heart-strings since i cry at ads all the time, BUT, this one was more inspiring than depressing, so it’s an absolute win for me.

(VW Golf 6 ad via cherryflava)

sweet, fun and a good soundtrack. a recipe right there for an effective ad.

(Virgin trains)

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