a quiet rant

i often get quite irked at the idea that just because someone is quiet they have no personality. you see it all the time on tv shows. the quiet person is usually considered the “dull” person. i’m a quiet person. and yes, i do, in fact have a personality. sometimes, if i haven’t had coffee, i can have quite the bitchy sort of personality. when did being loud, obnoxious, arrogant and extroverted become the default for having a personality?

it annoys me in the design world as well. just because i don’t use every opportunity to brag about my work, or hype a project, or project some air of superior confidence, doesn’t mean i’m not proud of the work we do. we are a small team and we do really good work. we don’t yell about it every day from every social network outlet, because, well, we don’t feel we have to. our clients like us and we like our clients.

btw, just because you do brag, hype or act overtly confident, doesn’t mean you are any good. i see many people exceptionally proud of some really sub-par work.

and now, i will quietly get back to work.

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