styling google docs forms

recently a client needed to insert a google docs form on their site. they had already selected the basic template and set-up the form, but the basic template had a white background and this form needed to be embedded on a site with a dark grey background. not very aesthetically pleasing at all. you can style the forms though, by adding a few parameters to the form URL that google provides you. here are some options:

to remove the title of the form add: &ttl=0 (fyi: &ttl=1 would insert the title)

to change the font add: &f=font_name

to change the text colour add: &tc=hex_value

to change the background colour add: &bc=hex_value

to change the link colour of the “help links” at the bottom add: &c=hex_value

pretty nice and easy and allows you some control and flexibility over the form.

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