success and failure

i’m often amused that some people think they know what everyone wants in life. they seem to have this idea of what success is, and if you aren’t aiming for the same ideal, you are just unsuccessful. wrong! it’s ok to have your own idea of what success means to you. actually, it’s not just ok, it’s a must.

being wicked is a tiny design studio. we do good work for some really fantastic clients. we focus on the publishing industry so we work with some of the big publishers such as HarperCollins, Random House and Hachette (Little, Brown). although we are small, nothing has stopped us from doing really good work for some really great (and some rather large) projects. we are successful. we don’t have huge offices with employees, payrolls, overheads and other stresses, and that’s just the way we want it.

define your own success. then, be open to redefine it. things change. circumstances change. people change. be open to that change. today, i may be quite content having a small design studio. tomorrow, i may change my mind and have a new goal. goals and dreams keep us striving to improve and better ourselves. i don’t want to ever let myself stagnate.

sometimes that means i try new things and they fail. that’s ok too. sometimes, success is not always about reaching the specific goals you think you want. sometimes the success is learning from the mistakes you make and redefining your goals from those lessons. at least, that’s what i have found so far.

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