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hand-drawn icons

A sample of the icons

Awhile back the guys at Woo posted a free set of hand-drawn social media icons by a great illustrator, Alex Latimer. More recently they posted another set of hand-drawn standard icons by Alex as well. Alex’s style includes sketchy dashes on the icons and some folks mentioned they would prefer the icons without these. Since the icons were released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 license, I decided to edit them to exclude these dashes for those who may prefer them that way.

To be absolutely clear: Alex Latimer is the artist behind these icons. I merely removed some of the bits to give them a slightly different look.

There are 60 icons in the standard icon set and 24 icons in the social media set. All icons are 64×64 pixels and are PNGs.

Feel free to download the full set of 60 icons without dashes, or you can download the full original set from Woo.

There is also the social media icon set if you like, or the original social media set.


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community bookcase

I love following interior design and style blogs. The one down side though is that they tend to lead me to a rather extensive wish-list. Every day I see something new I’d love to have in the home. My poor bank account would weep if it saw it.

Anyway, one of my ultimate favourite interior design blogs is decor8. Holly is a fantastic writer, great person and has a wonderful eye for style and design. If you don’t follow her, you should.

Recently, Holly blogged about a community bookcase in Hannover. Basically, the bookcase (or bookcases as it were) are open to the community to browse and take books they want to read. You then return with books to add to the bookcase and replace the ones you’ve taken. What a lovely idea! Of course, this wouldn’t work everywhere – which is rather sad – and yes, even in some areas where this could work, perhaps some people do take books and not return with more books to replace those. Overall though, what a lovely idea to encourage community, sharing and reading. I would love to see this adopted in more areas.