what’s the point?

Design is not about awards”

At the end of every project I like to ask myself some questions to make sure I did what I was meant to do – in fact what I was hired to do – as a designer:

1. Did I solve the problem in the best possible way? / Does the final site meet its goals?
This is always the first question I ask, and actually the question that has been with me throughout the project. Whether the “problem” is a requirement for a new site to promote a book, or a redesign of a site to allow it to be more usable and aesthetically pleasing, the “problem” is at the forefront of my thinking. Is the outcome the best possible solution given the requirements and any limitations to the project itself?

2. Is the final product completed in the best possible way?
Did I dot all my “i”‘s and cross all my “t”‘s? This is where I like to check that I took the time to worry about the final details of the project – the little things that often get overlooked.

3. Is the client happy?
They are the ones that hired me and it shouldn’t just be a matter of them being happy with the final site, but they should be happy with the entire experience.

My goal is to answer yes to all 3 of these. I consider it a successful project if I can. Never, though, do I ask, “Will this win awards?”. That’s not the point. For me anyway.

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