34 Things

Apparently I am an annual blogger. Maybe that will change. So much has changed in the last year. Changes I never imagined. Good, and bad, although mostly it hasn’t been a very good year for me. I’m hoping my 34th year, and going into 2014, will bring better things.

I went ahead and updated my 33 Things from last year, and I’m sad to see how few things I managed to do…and how some things won’t even be a possibility in the future…but some of those items will reappear in my 34 Things list below. Maybe this year I’ll be able to check more items off the list. Of course, there were a few things I didn’t even imagine that were great fun – making the All-Stars roster for the Charlotte Roller Girls. Going to Hawaii to play derby. Seeing my brother and family again.

With my birthday today, and being another year older, here is my 34 Things for my 34th year.

  1. Get fit and healthy with the goal of dropping a dress-size and/or losing 20lbs. The focus will be on health, but it helps to have some specific goals.
  2. Learn my camera, inside and out! Finally.
  3. Heal (I broke my ankle), get back to skating, and make the All-Stars roster again.
  4. Master my transitions (both directions) for derby.
  5. Collaborate with someone on a kick-ass creative project.
  6. Redesign my personal blog/spaces.
  7. Launch new Being Wicked idea.
  8. Create a wardrobe I really love.
  9. Take photos regularly. Get back into photography.
  10. Draw again.
  11. Find meaning.
  12. Go to yoga regularly.
  13. Take a course in art, photography, design, art history – anything of interest!
  14. Run a 10K race.
  15. Learn to say “No” without feeling guilty.
  16. Fly a kite.
  17. Cook more.
  18. Knit a scarf.
  19. Disconnect more often.
  20. Go white water rafting.
  21. Go horse riding again.
  22. Conquer a fear.
  23. Volunteer regularly.
  24. Actually plan something for my 35th birthday.
  25. Read every unread book I currently own.
  26. Sell a piece of artwork.
  27. Visit at least one new city just for fun and exploration.
  28. Go hiking in the height of Fall.
  29. Successfully grow my own vegetables.
  30. Be better about keeping in touch with my family. Regularly.
  31. Reconnect with my mentor from college.
  32. Learn how to identify twenty constellations.
  33. Start a journal.
  34. Let go.

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