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ireland – ring of kerry


Happy St Patty’s.

‘Coupling Up’


I was recently invited to submit a photo, or two, for the London Science Museum’s ‘Coupling Up’ project. It’s an open project for anyone to submit to, but I was emailed about it and thought I may as well. I selected the above photo which is of a couple on a bench, although they are almost entirely lost in shadow. I quite liked this idea of a “couple shot” where the couple aren’t very visible – lost in their own private void as it were. I’m trying to get in the habit of sharing more of my photos so this is a step in that direction. I’m not expecting it to be selected for the exhibition, but it’s a step for me to even add it to the pool.

white out


i’m loving all the snow we’ve recently had. we even took a day off as an official snow day! unfortunately we haven’t been able to go out and enjoy it entirely, but hopefully we will have a chance again this week.

What Every Aspiring Photographer Should Know

This is definitely worth reading for anyone interested, even remotely, in photography from Photodino, “Advice: What Every Aspiring Photographer Should Know

Never compare your journey with someone else’s.
-Cheryl Jacobs Nicolai, PhotoDino

A Touch of Autumn


Autumn is my absolute favourite season. Although it was a rather blustering day, we spent the afternoon enjoying the lovely Autumn colours around Oxford. I’m definitely looking forward to experiencing some more vibrant New England Autumns in the coming years, but I’ll miss Oxford in the Fall.