About Lorissa

I’m an expat South African, by way of the UK, currently living in the lush humidity of Charlotte, NC. I am the co-founder of a small web design studio, Being Wicked, that specialises in the publishing industry, and a sideline (food-obsessed) photographer . I’m a bookworm, rugby-loving, coffee-addicted retired Charlotte Roller Girl (3 surgeries was enough for me). I’m a warrior and a worrier, but I’ll usually laugh my way through stress.

I’ve been creating websites since high school, way back in 1996 when the annoying <blink> tag was acceptable (well, not really, but it was novel for a time). I’m passionate about cohesive and beautiful designs and finding the best solution for the project at hand. As a designer, I focus on creating usable websites that are sustainable, scalable, and visually appealing. I am continually striving to learn how to better my process, adapt to specific project needs, and improve the overall user experience.

Besides design, my passion is in photography and I never leave home without a camera (easy to do nowadays with smart phones). I fell in love with photography at a young age but was always rather nervous handling the family camera due to my knack for dropping things. It wasn’t until 2000, when I got my hands on my own little point-and-shoot, that I began to truly explore my love for photography. It’s been a whirlwind relationship ever since- including some hasty apologies after dropping a camera or two…

What I Do / What I Can Do For You

Web Design

My focus is always on smart, beautiful designs which are visually striking, but moreover, solve the design challenge at hand. With a keen knowledge of user interface design and mobile strategies, I ensure the best user-experience across multiple devices for all projects.

Graphic Design

Although I spend most of my time in front of a computer, I love the feel of real paper! I work with clients to create brand identities and supporting print materials, along with social media campaign images. A consistent brand is key, and a strong social media presence is a must.


My other love is photography, whether this means product shots for a website, custom photos for a social media campaign, event photos to share, or food photography (my favourite genre) for that niche area, I’ve got my camera ready. I’ve also been known to happily edit photos for hours.

Wonderful Clients I've Worked With

In my spare time, I ...

Drink (More) Coffee

I love exploring coffee spots wherever I am. I’m addicted and ok with that.

Find Adventures

I love biking, hiking, and kayaking, and venture out whenever I can.

Cuddle with my pups

I love my pups and my cat too, although she’s not very cuddly.